No Watches. No Maps

by Various Artists on FatCat Records

Released 01/01/2001

'No Watches. No Maps' consists entirely of unsolicited demo material received through the mail on tape, CD, minidisc, DAT, and via the internet in the form of MP3s.

Spanning a wide spread of nationalities, and made up almost completely of artists who (at the time of its compilition) have yet to be released, the album ' like all previous FatCat compilations ' encompasses a broad range of styles and approaches, yet maintains that certain quality essential to FatCat: from the jerky, bustling electronic rhythms of Com.A and Duplo Remote, to the abrasive, abstract digital incursions of QT?; the warm, rolling post-rock of Ukiyo-E or The Balky Mule; the freeform improv / instrumental sprawl of Opaque; the insane, genre-mushing blitz of Joseph Nothing; the fractured rhythmic constructions of Skist or Digi.Otaku; the switching, post-house shimmer of Mokira; the woozy melodic ambience of Chib.

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  1. QT? - Nnone
  2. Phluidbox - Mirjenz
  3. Jetone - Pil
  4. Zooey - 111.1
  5. Ukiyo-E - Val Doonican
  6. Mokira - Hes
  7. Moneyshot - Trocchi Travelled Inward
  8. Com.a - Radio Squelch Crush Land
  9. Joseph Nothing - Spanking
  10. Opaque - Nine
  11. Beans - Ponderosa
  12. The Balky Mule - Asterion
  13. Cytokine - Movement
  14. Meek - Vacuum
  15. Skist - Straddle
  16. Digi.Otaku - Up//+//walked
  17. Duplo Remote - A_load Test 2
  18. Chib - ((O))
  19. Bexar Bexar - Moore

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