Brought To Light

by Various Artists on FatCat Records

Released 12/07/2019

The release is a collection of demos, curated by the label, who have deemed them some of the finest submissions they’ve received over the last few years. FatCat have a long tradition of supporting new artists and treating demos with an open mind. This new collection of songs, the first in a trilogy of such releases, is demonstrable to the eclectic taste the label have always possessed.

One of the founding partners of the label, Alex Knight says. “FatCat has a rich history of signing Artists from Demo recordings, this includes renowned artists such as Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad, Animal Collective and Max Richter as well as current signings C Duncan, Samana, Resina and Shida Shahabi. We receive a wonderful array of demo’s and the compilation is a great way to highlight just how good this material is!”

FatCat have always been a label that comfortably straddle the line between guitar music and electronica. For this release, the focus is on the sort of DIY guitar sound of which Paws and TRAAMS fans might enjoy. Away from the FatCat roster, fans of Yuck, Cloud Nothings, Drenge and Girl Band will also find plenty in which to immerse themselves. The next two compilations will focus on other genres that make up the FatCat musical tradition.

The artists on this release are all at different stages of their careers. Some have gone to work with labels, some have remained independent. Some are new, some have been around for years. The album has been lovingly put together by FatCat with the intention of bringing these songs into the spotlight.

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  1. Lightning Bug - Bobby
  2. Cowtown - Castle Greyscale
  3. Acidclank - Psychedelic Lucy's Gun
  4. Love Among The Mannequins - Alfred Garyevich Schnittke
  5. Suzanne'Silver - Io Ti Sbrango
  6. LKWRM - Die, Satan, Die
  7. Younolovebunny - 7
  8. The Leaf Library - Many Small Hands
  9. Jennifer - Stay Awake
  10. Hiding Behind Sound - Been Here Before
  11. Pallas Athene - What I Want

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