Songs Wrought Wrong/ Fecund With Love

by Ubiquitous Meh! on FatCat Records

Released 14/07/2023

Cult synth-pop (well, organ-pop?) trio Ubiquitous Meh! caught the ear of FatCat Records back in 2021 as the UK veered from lockdown to lockdown. Unable to practice in person, the band set about remotely piecing together their most idiosyncratic release to date: 'Songs Wrought Wrong'.

The title track is a lofi mini-epic. Old drum machines, bouncy organ and spacey Moog sound old and new all at once, while lead singer Luke Richards croons his proud message of joy in oddness as if from space itself.

SONGS WROUGHT WRONG is available on vinyl and digital download from Friday 14th July.

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  1. Songs Wrought Wrong
  2. Jigsaw
  3. Your Heart Is Still In Its Shrink
  4. Do You Want To Play Dress Up?
  5. Outta The Traps 6. Gold Plate Coffin
  6. Gold Plate Coffin
  7. Smoke Like
  8. Got Nerves
  9. That’s Needless
  10. Fecund With Love
  11. Unit 4
  12. Mindrockin’
  13. Meh! Can Empower You 1
  14. Meh! Can Empower You 2

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