Slim Baby

by U.S. Girls on FatCat Records

Released 05/11/2012

FatCat Records is proud to present ‘Slim Baby’, the second single from the U.S. Girls’ album ‘GEM’, a stunning record which merges a fascination with glam rock as interpreted by the anti-excess of Patti Smith, an inverted take on Bolan’s Pop testosterone and the alienating abstraction of Throbbing Gristle.

Meghan Remy, the lone American woman behind U.S. Girls says this about the track; “Slim Baby is a love song. Written first in 2010 as a sort of dub song then, reworked in 2012 to mimic Gary Glitter's ""I Love You Love Me Love"". This idea arose because the vocal melody was unintentionally so similar to G.G.'s chorus melody. If the glove fits...
Tried to really get the Glitter Band sound on this one. A pep rally for L-O-V-E...All the lovers stomping their feet in the bleachers, clapping along.”

‘Slim Baby’ is backed by a bedroom cover of the Ronettes’ ‘I Can Hear Music’, a recording dominated by the presence of a near constant distorted tom, giving the track an ominous intensity that recalls the reported claustrophobia of Veronica Ronette and Phil Spector’s doomed relationship.

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