Sonic Narcotic

by Transient Waves on FatCat Records

Released 28/06/1999

Having previously released albums on Che's i imprint and cool US label, Darla, Philadelphia-based three-piece Transient Waves followed up their debut 12" on Fat Cat with an LP.

Based around guitar, bass, vocals and drums, but fleshed out through a heavy use of the sampler and FX processing, 'Sonic Narcotic' delivers, as its title hints, a luscious, shimmering ambience.

Drones and voice-as-texture overlap one another; rhythms and loops hook the listener into dizzying soundscapes; odd sound-events, glitches, eastern chimes and percussion individualise a space that recalls the sonic manipulation of post-rock pioneers like My Bloody Valentine, Seefeel or Bowery Electric, whilst aligning them with the very best of the current US scene.

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  1. Bluehead
  2. Cruise Control
  3. Monsoon
  4. Blackjack
  5. Paradise
  6. What I'm Shootin' for
  7. Sketch On the Eastern Shore
  8. 8.8

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