Where's The Monkey

by The Realistics on FatCat Records

Released 01/12/1998

With 1999 snapping at our heals, Fatcat Records release the debut 12" from the Brixton based percussion collective, the 'Realistics'.

Drawing inspiration and showcasing a variety of rhythms across three diverse tracks, the 'Realistics' draw parallels with the percussion section of 'Masters at Work' employing a fusion of latin rhythms and tribal beats.

This release will be on the playlist of the more creative Dj's and states it's case as a benchmark for future 'Realistics' releases.

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  1. Sir Eddie Real and the Realistics - Where's The Monkey
  2. Sir Eddie Real and the Realistics - Que Pass Cabasa
  3. Sir Eddie Real and the Realistics - Tenement Funkster

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