Split Series #17

by The Ivytree / Chris Smith on Split Series

Released 07/03/2005

The seventeenth 12" in our split series, The Ivytree v Chris Smith introduces two more artists new to FatCat, each mining their own particular, singular visions, yet complimenting one another neatly.

The five beautiful songs gathered here are based around picked acoustic guitar, bowed bouzouki, organ drones, wind-chimes, subtly scattered percussion, location recordings, and Donaldson's own sweet, highly distinctive falsetto voice.

The five stunning tracks Smith recorded for this Split transition are dense, multi-layered guitar improvisations, and result in the creation of a dense tapestries of timbres and tones for the listener to explore and get lost in.

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  1. Raven's Son
  2. Crescent-Shaped Sails, Part Ii
  3. In Meadows
  4. Oh White Heron
  5. Palm Leaves
  6. Bird Proof
  7. Holding Tank
  8. Poseidon Adventure
  9. Alcohol
  10. White Morning

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