The Ur-Klang Search

by The Dylan Group on FatCat Records

Released 06/03/2000

The Dylan Group, as you may know, started out as a two-person recorded project. Recent touring with a four-person band (including 2 drumsets, vibes, bass, marimbas, keys and trumpet) has made for an extremely impressive live show with lots of improvisation.

The result is outstanding. Heavy beats, swirling horns, gamelan polyrhythms, deep bass…. and vibraphones. The dub influence is there in full force, but the band comes at it from different angles, from the super-minimalist ‘live delay’ drum playing in 'Let It Sit' to the blatant cover of The Orb’s 'Towers Of Dub' another classic electronic-tune-turned-live by The Dylan Group.

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