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Released 06/06/2017

A strictly limited edition vinyl run (200 units only) Remix 12”, available uniquely through this website, featuring tracks taken from SHOPPINGS' album 'Why Choose', reinterpreted by Helm, Apostille, Cox-Merchandise, Ela Orleans and Knit Mitten.

Helm is a sound artist and experimental musician based in London, active since 2006 and working with a vast array of revolving instrumentation and abstract sound sources. He has produced four full-length albums and three EPs consisting of dense compositions which explore the relationship between acoustic and electronic derived sounds.

Merchandise was originally formed as a home-recording project in 2008 known as the Dry County, formed by the vocalist Carson Cox and guitarist David Vassalotti. They accurately self-describe their genre as 'somewhere in the grey area of punk, noise and pop music'.

Ela Orleans is a Polish composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Orleans uses electronic and acoustic instruments to create a diverse and layered music. She performs as both a musician and DJ.

Apostille is the solo project of Glaswegian musician and Night School Records head Michael Kasparis.

Knit Mitten is a sound guy from Bognor Regis working with VSTs, AU plugins and open-source software.

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