by Process on FatCat Records

Released 29/06/1998

Having previously recorded as Blueshift for Ultimate Dilemma (a smooth techno/drum’n’bass hybrid), Brighton’s Steve Barnes debuts for FatCat with a flickering gem of stunningly realised post-techno.

The idea behind Process is to create a sense of depth, using textures and layers whilst keeping the tracks organic in texture. The intentional noise and hiss are used to create an extra moving layer of sound which fuels the dynamics of the original sound.

Like Berlin’s Hard Wax axis (including the Chain Reaction stable, Kiff SM’s Pole, and fellow FatCat producers Various Artists), Process displace the commonly-held hierarchy of the foreground beat, instead of softening it to low, rumbling pulse like the amplified thump of blood pumping through arteries. Barnes sculpts out an odd, arythmix ambience as fuzzy washes of sound, hisses, clicks and glitches, crackles and rumbles drift together like clouds of industrial smog, forming an utterly immersive environment

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