Generator Of Thoughts

by Metro Skim on 6dimensions

Released 31/10/2019

Metro Skim’s returns to 6dimensions with ‘Generator Of Thoughts’, their third release on the label, a five track EP, shifting the balance of senses with intoxicating analog headiness. Deeply rooted in the underground, shrouded in mystery, and adopting music as their preferred form of communication to convey their message. Following up on two previous releases on 6dimensions, ‘Identifying Possibilities’ in 2107, ‘Actualising Possibilities’ in 2018, Metro Skim now provides us with, ‘Generator Of Thoughts’.
Metro Skim unifies symbiotic relations between technology and human form, preserving a pure and natural process guided by an uncompromising mode of production.

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  1. Physiological Change
  2. Priority Destination
  3. Subatomic Levels
  4. Abstract Thinking
  5. Activities

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