Split Series #19

by Kemialliset Ystävät / Sunroof! on Split Series

Released 27/10/2008

The nineteenth 12" in our acclaimed Split Series presents two immensely vital and influential artists whose fiercely focused and highly individual music has genuinely pushed boundaries, creating their own distinctive sound-worlds

Led by Jan Anderzen, Kemialliset Ystävät (it translates as 'chemical friends') are a loose collective from Tampere in southern Finland. Whilst individually marked, the five tracks they've contributed to this 12" flow together as sections of one whole to form a fluid, simmering and restless journey through woozy loops, blurred harmonies and vocal contortions.

Sunroof! is the work of prolific, Bradford-based guitar-abuse legend Matthew Bower, who has been active on the experimental / post-punk / noise underground for over 25 years. 'Little Ornamental Lake Of Death' and 'Extinction Fantasy' blow out a beatless, fizzing, corruscating, hyper-energetic scrawl of guitar ' a swirling mass of sound that's blissfully immersive. Wedged in between, the far briefer 'Spiritual Forgery' hangs a frayed line of quavering guitar tone.

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  1. Kemialliset Yst - Taivaassa On Ioivemmat Mäet
  2. Kemialliset Yst - Hyvällisen Tähdellistä
  3. Kemialliset Yst - Yöllä Tulen Ja Raapasen Tulen Karvoihin!
  4. Kemialliset Yst - Pirtua Raamatun Kansissa
  5. Kemialliset Yst - Tässä Maassa Kun Näin Makailen
  6. Little Ornamental Lake of Death
  7. Spiritual Forgery
  8. Extinction Fantasy

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