Split Series #3

by Janek Schaefer / Pan American on Split Series

Released 01/11/1998

Pan American vs Janek Schaefer marks the third release in FatCat's split 12" series. Curated by Dave Howell of Obsessive Eye, with aid from Dave Cawley & Alex Knight, this collection will run in parallel with Fat Cat's (ir)regular output, opening out a series of strange combinations/fusions, introducing unknown/up-and-coming artists, and charting a more diverse, abstract terrain for the label.

Pan American exists as a solo project for Mark Nelson, guitarist / singer for US post-rock pioneers Labradford. Sequenced collage, mixing electronic instrumentation (the central Rhodes piano motif; sine-wave bass; drum machine), with effects procedures, and more concrete-style samples (a metal pipe rolling on a wooden floor; clanking saucepan lids, etc.) Stately, slow-motion glide. Langorous; hypnotic, revealing a slowly-unfolding tapestry of entwining beats and simple, sumptuous melodies.

Janek is a practising architect and former student at the RCA. This split 12" marks his first full-scale release to date.Performed totally live in a collage technique. Vinyl source material is processed through Schaefer's custom-built 'tri-phonic' turntable (a bi-directional, ultra vari-speed, three tone-arm deck), and simultaneously manipulated through cheap repetition machines & black box filters. 'Wash Bag Cut' is generated entirely through a live exploration of the phono jack. Dark, subterranean ambience; fllickering clusters of rhythms, tingling percussive foliage.

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  1. Beyond Zero Point
  2. To Dai for
  3. Foreground Blink
  4. Wash Bag Cut
  5. Startle Bather
  6. Both Ends Fixed

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