Tales from the Crypt

by Insync v Mysteron on FatCat Records

Released 01/12/1997

Recorded in Japan in '96, FAT004 features three tracks of fluid, rhythm and sound exploration from Lee Insync, whose CV includes releases on Irdial, Fragmented and his own Tenth Planet label.

Dragging techno through the madness of the dub chamber, and driven along by some sprawling, skilfully programmed beat-work, 'The Old Dark House' is a slow-creeping, shape-shifting track of bass detonations, backwards noise-ripples, bubbling bleeps and all manner of subterranean atmospherics. 'Dead Of Night' is an infectious, Detroit-style glide through sumptuous sequences and shuffling 808 percussion; and, closing proceedings, 'Lost Souls Found' ups the tempo with a bustling, jazzy break spiralling into a floor-filing tribal intensity, and some amazingly subtle background sound-refractions, ghostly moans and wails.

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  1. Insync, Mysteron - Old Dark House
  2. Insync, Mysteron - Dead of Night
  3. Insync, Mysteron - Lost Souls Found

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