by Ian William Craig / Olivier Alary on 130701

Released 13/01/2017

In advance of new releases from both artists, Ian William Craig and Olivier Alary trade remixes on this wonderful two track digital single.

Following the widespread acclaim of his brilliant ‘Centres’ album (July 2016), Vancouver-based vocalist / composer Ian William Craig takes on ‘Nollywood’ from Olivier’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Fiction / Non-Fiction’. Running the stems of the track through his studio and a circuit-bent Audiotronics 147 and a Ekdahl Moisturizer, Ian reinvents Olivier’s lusciously swooning ‘Nollywood’, adding his own voice as source matter, and scuffing and morphing the track through a patina of tape distortion, overlaying a web of glistening texture and looping rhythm to repurpose it in a stunning, sprawling new work.

By way of return, Montreal-based Frenchman Olivier takes on Ian’s album gem ‘A Single Hope’, extracting the pop song hiding behind Ian's billowing textures in order to render it in a bright new light. Before starting the remix, Olivier decided to restrict electronic elements to a minimum, so what you hear here are purely acoustic instruments.

A brilliant single showing two artists at the top of their game opens out a new year for FatCat’s pioneering 130701 imprint in spectacular style.

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