Rinsin' With The Doctors

by Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow on FatCat Records

Released 01/07/1999

Requesting that their identities remain unknown, the enigmatic Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow follow March's debut release for Fat Cat with another solid 5-track EP that highlights their humour and their seriously, seriously skewed atmospherics.

Where the earlier 12" offered a poppier, more floor-friendly exercise, 'Rinsin' With The Doctors' drags their sound to a darker, more twisted zone.'Do You Like Trains' sees its producer babbling insanely across a tense field of rippling, slowly building synth-loops. 'A Tribute To Roger Hammond' is a brief, percussive sketch dissolving into itself. 'Tall Buildings' is a massive, towering track of gritty overspill-noise, mangled voices and squelchy, phat, fucked-up hiphop dynamics. Whilst 'Life Of A Loach' comes over all woozy, virtually beatless and noodling around a G-funk synth sound.

Stunningly produced, Smith & Ludlow mess with your head, whilst providing compulsive listening.

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  1. Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow - I'm Not A Fan Of Cricket
  2. Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow - Life Of A Loach
  3. Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow - Do You Like Trains
  4. Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow - A Tribute To Roger Hammon
  5. Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow - Tall Buildings

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