Split Series #10

by Christoph De Babalon / Kid 606 on Split Series

Released 12/02/2000

Christoph De Babalon v Kid 606 marks the tenth installment in FatCat's split 12" series. Again merging two very different sounds and styles, this time fierce, laptop-based deconstruction is pitted against drum 'n' bass rhythm-scaping and brooding isolationism on a high-quality, ten-track EP.

Now based in Berlin, Christoph de Babalon is widely (and in our view, correctly) recognised as one of the finest producers on Alec Empire's DHR label. Following single releases on Fischkopf, DHR and his own Cross Fade Enter-Tainment label, a brilliant debut album ('If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It' ' DHR, 1997) has marked the producer out as a master of dark sound-scaping and hard, scything drum 'n' bass.

KID 606
Kid 606 is a prolific exponent of the vibrant, new breed of underground American electronix (see also Matmos, Crank, Phthalocyanine, Lesser, Lexaunculpt, etc.). His operations grounded firmly in digital media and the use of audio software, Kid 606 also collaborates in the powerbook ensemble, Disc, alongside Matmos's Drew Daniel, Lexaunculpt, Kurt Ralske and Hrvatski.

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  1. (Total) Soul Eclipse
  2. Cum On
  3. Departure
  4. On the Block
  5. 808 Mate
  6. Flutter
  7. Caring Is One Thing
  8. Dot, Dot, Dot
  9. Die in California
  10. When It Feels Wrong

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