Stand Up

by Charlottefield on FatCat Records

Released 24/05/2006

Charlottefield’s single ‘Stand Up’ highlights two sides of a continually evolving band. Effectively a snapshot of Charlottefield in early 2006, the 7” both brings us up to date, and gives a pointer of what’s to come. Written just after the ‘How Long Are You Staying’ LP, ‘Stand Up’ is a taut, explosive, self-recorded rendition of what has become a staple part of the band’s live set. Deftly arranged and punctuated by a tight, reflexive rhythm section, ‘Stand Up’ is a sharp, immediate shot in the arm, melody pinned down by dischord.

On the flipside, ‘Can’t Stand Up’ is at the opposite end of the field; less righteousness, and with more space and melody. The next LP is likely to stretch out these two points. Eclectic, wilful, and as likely to draw inspiration from Erik Satie as they are from Harry Pussy, if Charlottefield are primarily informed by hardcore punk and post-punk experimentalism, these are still nevertheless more allusions than influences worn on sleeves.

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