Keys The Door EP2

by Ali Berger on FCR

Released 26/04/2019

After his ‘Keys The Door EP1’ that picked up support from the likes of Ben UFO, Artwork, Huerco S and Machine Woman, Michigan’s Ali Berger returns to the FatCat Records off-shoot FCR which features releases from Cottam, DJJ and Project 223. Ali’s previous releases on Clave House, Firm Tracks and Isaiah Tapes reflect his keen ear for slick, stripped back house productions that’s gained the attention worldwide resulting in him being signed to FatCat and regularly featuring in clubs all over the US.

‘Grease Trap’ kicks things off with a wavering acid line, robust melodies and outlandish oscillations before ‘Heard’ drops low-slung bass grooves, emotive leads and rhythmic tombs reminiscent of early Larry Heard productions. ‘Hit Piece’ introduces eccentric synth shoots, bubbling percussion and glistening rhythms until ‘Keys The Door’ rounds things off with a cheerful house cut fusing dreamy piano chords and a stimulating drum sequence.

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  1. Grease Trap
  2. Heard
  3. Hit Piece
  4. Keys The Door

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