Split Series #2

by Ad Vanz v Gescom / Foehn on Split Series

Released 01/07/1998

Ad Vanz / Gescom vs Foehn marks the second release in FatCat’s split 12” series. Curated by Dave Howell of Obsessive Eye, with aid from Dave Cawely, this collection will run in parallel with FatCat’s (ir)regular output, opening out a series of strange combinations/fusions, introducing unknown/up-and-coming artists, and charting a more diverse, abstract terrain for the label.

With previous releases on Manchester’s highly-influential SKAM label, GESCOM exists as a shadowy collective with a floating membership. This release sees Autechre’s Rob Brown join forces with Skam DJ Rob Hall (aka Ad Vanz), who had previously collaborated on Gescom’s first release. The stunning track they donated to the split series is a classic slice of electronica - with a slo-mo, stately string glide meeting some incredibly dense, micro-fractured, electronic beats.

Foehn is the working alias of Bristolian Debbie Manning, former partner/collaborator with Matt Elliot in Third Eye Foundation. these two tracks see lo-fi samples (concrete sounds/urban ambiences recorded on a dictaphone) and guitar drones processed through vast banks of reverb. what results is a dark, subterranean ambience; flickering clusters of rhythms, and a tingling percussive foliage.

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