When the label was started, Stockport-based V/Vm were one of the first artists invited to be involved with FatCat. Having self-released their first two 12"s ('Privileged Frames for Reference' and 'Up-Link data Transmissions' - both 1996), they provided 4 gritty, beat-based tracks on one side of the first ever split 12" in early 1998, a style that they've rarely reurned to.

Whilst they have gone on to accrue a truly massive catalogue of releases (under a wide and bewildering range of aliases) on their own V/Vm Test label, links between FatCat and V/Vm have remained strong - they have participated in numerous FatCat events, and have had further tracks released on the 'Passageways' CD compilation, and on the 'e-rmx' series.

V/Vm collaborator Jansky Noise also saw release on a split 12" in May 1999, a collaboration with Speedranch.

V/Vm is still very active and is currently releasing works by The Caretaker, Leyland Kirby and The Stranger alongside occasional archival re-issues along with some new film projects. Click his website link to be fully updated.

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