Tlaotlon is the solo alias of Melbourne-based New Zealander Jeremy Coughbrough, who prior to his Split Series release for FatCat (October 2014) has released a clutch of records on labels like Dungeon Taxis, Epic Sweep, Trensmat and 1080p. Coubrough also played on the 2014 album by Finnish psych-freak Kemialliset Ystavat (after KY's Jan Anderzen released an early Tlaotlon 7" on his own Vauva label last year).

Jeremy began making electronic music really young, after hearing jungle as a 12 year old. Spending a year trying to work out how to make it with a casiotone, before finding out about samplers and synths. He had his mind blown early on by (in particular) DJ Assault, Aphex, Drexciya, LTJ Bukem, Derrick May, and Jeff Mills, as well as being fired up on soul, disco and cosmic jazz around the same time, plus a bit of Can/Soft Machine and wack fusion.

Having played piano and saxophone as a kid, when he was 13 Jeremy started busking on weekends and school holidays with a ghettoblaster playing a backing tape of an hour long loop of the intro to Herbie Hancock's 'Chameleon'. Those forays into busking made him enough money to buy his first synths and sampler and an Atari 1040st for sequencing. He began DJing and playing live sets at raves at the tender age of 16. As his musical engagement progressed, his tastes became progressively more interesting. In his late teens he got heavily into free jazz/fire music, improv, noise, 20th c. composition, electroacoustic music and more.

Without ever really ceasing to make electronic music, after a hard drive crash Jeremy slowed down for a while and began to focus on playing in bands, improvising, "playing any chance I got, on any instrument I could get my hands on, whenever anyone asked me."

After a while, Jeremy dove back into electronic music again, recording a stream of increasingly bstrong material under the Tlaotlon monicker. Jeremy's Tlaotlon debut for FatCat came with four tracks released on a the penultimate Split Series 12" (alongside Katie Gately), in October 2014.

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