The Ivytree


From San Francisco, The Ivytree is the solo project of Glenn Donaldson, who is a founder member of The Jewelled Antler Collective - which exists as both a label (specialising in beautifully-packaged, made-to-order CDR pressings) and a coterie of mainly-Californian avant folk / improvisation / psychedelic ensembles. Amongst these, Donaldson also operates under the guise of The Birdtree, as well as playing in groups like The Knit Separates, Thuja, The Blithe Sons and The Skygreen Leopards. Beyond a shifting, shared membership, what unites many of these outfits is an organic, intuitive approach to music making, as well as an interest in ritual and collage, and the spontaneity of environmental recording. Many of Donaldson's releases have resulted from recordings made outdoors or in non-studio locations.

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