The Dylan Group


Having released an album on the BubbleCore label ('More Adventures In Lying Down...'), Dylan Group marked their debut for FatCat with a 12" single in August '99, including an excellent remix from Fridge. Forsaking samples and sequencers in favour of multi-tracking some seriously fluid, live improvisation, Dylan Group is the work of New York duo Dylan Cristy and Adam Pierce (who also records for FatCat as Mice Parade)

Based around a twin drum set-up, the use of vibes and Dylan Group stretch Tortoise's take on lounge atmospherics to a rhizomatic, easy-glistening extreme: soothing, loose and lithe, awash with tingling webs and threads of sound; rippling outwards and encircling itself.

Following that first FatCat 12", the Dylan Group released an album, 'the Ur-klang Search' (vinyl-only) on FatCat in March 2000, and toured Europe with Mice Parade.

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