The Durian Brothers


Active since 2009, The Durian Brothers are a trio based in Dusseldorf, Germany who prior to their Split Series release (with Ensemble Skalectrik) in July 2013 have remained little known, with three vinyl EPs being self-released (with no promotion) in small editions on their own Diskant label. The Durian Brothers approach to their sound-source is close to that of labelmate and fellow Dusseldorf resident, Hauschka. In a praxis that mixes structured composition with playful improvisation, one member knits the audio material together with the use of a sequencer, whilst two others each get hands-on with a pair of 'prepared' turntables, alongside mixers and various effects. Completely avoiding the use of actual records, the machines are instead creatively mis-used in a very experimental approach. Melodies are played on tuned rubber bands stretched across the decks; assorted objects are placed upon the rotating platters to create scrunching rhythms and textures. What results is a radical and fresh take on contemporary club music. Slightly wonky and somehow African in its non-standard feel / tonality, The Durian Brothers' music sounds like little else around right now.

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