Speedranch Jansky Noise


Both based around the Manchester area, and operating at the extreme fringes of the city's electronic scene, this duo's debut release was the album collaboration, 'Welcome To Execrate', which was released in 1999 on the Leaf label.

Jansky Noise is an alias for V/VM's Andy MacGregor; his Warrington-based colleague Speedranch acts as a DJ in the ultra-choppy, energetic mould of other operators like Otomo Yoshihide, Christian Marclay, etc. - slicing up noises via turntables, mixer and CDJ into a viscous noise-mellee, whilst MacGregor utilises the expanded sonics and processing capabilities of the laptop and sampler to form a unique and head-melting combination.

After a self-released multi-media CD, 'Advanced configuration with power interface', which contained a live recording plus audio software, a second Speedranch^Jansky Noise album, 'Migrate' was released on Planet Mu in 2003. Speedranch has also collaborated with Venetian Snares and in Jame's Plotkin's Phantomsmasher / Atomsmasher.

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