Programme were brought to our attention in early 2002, following contact from their French label, Lithium.

A two-piece group from the South of France, featuring singer Arnaud Michniak (previously of the group Diabologum) and Damien Betous (guitars / electronics), the band made their debut in 1999 with the album, 'Ma Cerveau Dans Ma Bouche', which was followed in March 2002 by another album 'L'Enfer Tiede. Two tracks from the latter were subsequently licensed for a single on our 7" series ('Une Vie', July 2002).

Singing in their native tongue, Programme's music immediately hit us as a breathtakingly intense and urgent blast of vitriol and (self-) questioning. Heart in mouth and apocalyptically simmering, Programme are every bit as powerful and consuming as The Young Gods, perhaps their closest comparison.

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