Party of One


Party of One are a tight, angular and intriguing three-piece from the coldest state in the USA, Minnesota, and are based around the enigmatic presence of guitarist / songwriter Eric Fifteen.

As well as Eric on guitar and vocal duties, Party of One comprises Terrika Kleinknecht playing the bass and sometimes singing, and Geoff McCusick playing the drums. Geoff teaches fourth grade and Terrica teaches girls to play the drums, as well as playing the same in the Portland-based excellently named Pom Pom Meltdown.

Party of One have played round and about the Twin Cities, but not a lot beyond. A brief tour to the UK in March 2003 to coincide with their first FatCat album release 'Caught In The Blast' began their foray into the world beyond. A second single, 'Snap You Like A Twig' was released in February 2004, and was followed by another tour of the UK and Europe.

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