Metaphrog / Hey / Múm


Here's the strory of how this beautiful comic book and music came to being.

"Quite a while ago, Metaphrog from Glasgow were very much into designing their first Louis stories. One special day some rare vinyl by Hey from Berlin drifted to their music loving shores. They sent heart breaking comic books in return. Hey and metaphrog got to know each other a little. After a while they found it was time to share a story, drawings and music and searched for somebody special to join. They were looking for a long time. Then, finally, Mum from Iceland were on the right spot just before heading off to an amazing round camping trip. Friends were made, parcels were sent overseas. Dreams never die."

Metaphrog words 'For a long time we had wanted to work on a book project involving music and animation. Hey and Mum have created something magical with music, bringing Louis' world even more alive. Shimmering, fragmented melodious sounds, beautiful, atmospheric, strangely insistent. We wish to thank them and all at FatCat for making this project so special.'

Hey words 'It was 1995 when I recorded 'dreams never die' for the first time. I spent the summer with my grandma in her small house close to a beautiful lake in the Austrian mountains. Free floating time and lots of stars in the sky. Everything I needed for the first recordings on my own. Ever since then 'dreams never die' has been constantly renewed, live and in the studio. For this final version 'the swimmer' a long time friend from Vienna played the elka organ.'

Mum words ''When Hey invited us to take part in this little idea, we had already been hypnotised by 'Louis - Red Letter Day', so we were very excited about joining. 'dreams never die' came with us on a boat to our secret place, surrounded by sea and mountains and our sprinkly version came to life in the living room of the lightkeepers cottage with a window overlooking the sea. Our Finnish friend Samuli played his drums and the heater and the 'Louis - Lying to Clive' book and our friend Eiki played trumpet even though it might be very hard to recognise now. Then we carried the song with us in a suitcase all around the world and forgot to post it until we were in Australia. we would like to thank everyone for letting us be a part of this, takk Metaphrog, takk Hey.'

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