Kid 606



When we received his demo CDR in 1998, we knew California-based Kid606 was something special. Based in San Diego and having previously released material on 555 Recordings, V/VM, and Vinyl Communications, we released six of his tracks on a split 12"at the beginning of '99.

With the hype around him snowballing, he has since risen to become one of the biggest names in electronic music with a prolific flow of releases across a wide range of labels (including Mille Plateau, Lo, Car Park, Ipecac, Diskono, Violent Turd, and Wabana).

Firmly grounded in digital media and the use of audio software, Kid 606 also collaborates in the powerbook ensemble, Disc, alongside Matmos's Drew Daniel, Lexaunculpt, Kurt Ralske and Hrvatski.

In '99. he formed the Tigerbeat 6 label, releasing a barrage of material by the likes of Cex, Electric Company, DAT Politics, Pimmon, Blechtum From Blechdom, Lesser, Electric Company, Com.a, and Merzbow.

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