Katie Gately



A hugely exciting new talent, Katie Gately is a Brooklyn-born, LA-based artist with an academic background in film sound production and editing. Having only recently stepped out from her regular job as a sound designer in the film industry, Katie has crafted a set of brilliantly intricate and highly ambitious sound pieces that exist in a borderzone between electroacoustic composition, field recording and deconstructed pop. Mixing the widescreen scope of Scott Walker or Julia Holter and the precise playful abstraction of Matmos and Holly Herndon or Radiophonic pioneer Lily Greenham, her music tends towards the epic, luxuriating in rich textural detail and its own world-forming creative potential. Whilst finding anchorage in established songform, her structures are fluid, dynamic, disjointed and explosive.

Gately's first release was 2013's brilliant, eponymous six track EP on Public Information, which was followed by a cassette on Blue Tapes and, earlier in 2014, a lathe cut split 7" on FET Press. Gately's debut for FatCat came with a stunning 15-minute long sprawl of a track released on a the penultimate Split Series 12" (alongside Tlaotlon), in October 2014.

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