Ensemble Skalectrik



Ensemble Skalectrik is a side-project of the prolific Nick Edwards who is best known for a stream of consistently great releases under the alias of Ekoplekz, as well as collaborations with the likes of Bass Clef (as Ekoclef) and Baron Mordant (as EMMplekz). Entirely based on spontaneous composition and recorded in one take, Ensemble Skalectrik represents perhaps the most raw, extreme performance-based music in the Bristol-based artist's expanding repertoire. Exploring turntable improvisation in tandem with a use of loops and fx pedals, his is a highly personalized take on turntablism that incorporates elements of chance, drone, dub, hauntology, musique concrete and free improvisation. Chopped and merged together out of fragments of old vinyl (mainly sound effects and easy listening albums, Stereo test recordings), expanded through a selection of sound-shaping devices (filters, equalizers, loop-pedals), Nick's four home-recorded tracks feature on a Split Series release (alongside The Durian Brothers) released in July 2013, and serve as an impressive follow-up to 'Trainwrekz', Ensemble Skalectrik's debut album which appeared on editions Mego in April 2013.

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