Duplo Remote


Born in 1977, Myles Haughton (aka Duplo Remote) was brought up on a diet of ZX Spectrum games, and started writing music in 1990, latching on to the sounds of Hardcore (Altern-8, etc.), and experimenting with a home keyboard and Amiga.

Later, with the inevitable influence of Richard James and a lack of patience with the stasis of ambient his music started to get faster and noisier. At University, Myles met a likeminded friend and producer, who is currently recording for Skam under the alias, Quinoline Yellow. An exchange of ideas, thoughts and skills took place that has enabled both to expand their skills.

Myles' debut release came via a FatCat split 12" (on the flip of Com.a) released in March 2000. He was also included on the 'no watches. no maps' compilation CD, and has taken part in numerous live FatCat events. He has also recorded tracks for Com.a's Romz label and other labels like FastFlange, Consume and Unbearable.

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