Discovered (like Duplo Remote) via demo, Age Yoshida was born in Surrey in 1976, before living in Hong Kong, New Jersey, and now in Yokohama, Japan.

Originally playing an electone and guitar, Age bought a synth and samplers, and started ROM=PARI (who had releases through SubRosa) with his brother, Joseph Nothing. After quitting this project, he went solo as COM.A, starting his own label, Notekrec, in order to release his own CDRs. Notekrec has since been renamed Romz recordings.

Using a variety of software packages (his favourites include MAX/MSP, Vision DSP, Peak, SoundEdit, SuperCollider, Metasynth, and Tokyo), Age's construction process progresses as his software and hardware (including a PowerMac, Powerbook, Akai S2000, Clavia Nordlead, Korg M1, Casio SK-1, and a turntable) are updated.

Since his debut split 12" on FatCat, Age has recorded for such labels as Tigerbeat6, Staalplaat, Klangkrieg, and TheAgriculture.

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