Bjork mit Funkstorung



Having formed in 1994 around the vibrant Bunker / Den Haag underground techno scene, Funkstorung have risen to the position of being one of electronica's best-known exponents, both through the work on their own Musik Aus Strom label, and other recordings for the German Compost label, and numerous other electronic imprints including Chocolate Industries, the ultra-limited MASK imprint they formed with Manchester's SKAM, Dub, and their current label Studio K7!.

Their stunning remix of Bjork's 'All is Full Of Love' (taken from her 'Homogenic' album), provided an early highlight for the label. Released as a 12" and CD single in November 1998, the ep sold so well that, had the artwork included a barcode (instead of our then-regular trademark blank sleeves with solitary hand-stamped info), the single would have made the UK top 40. Regardless, it goes down as a classic in the FatCat back catalogue.

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