Leipzig-based Marco Fischer came to prominence in the mid-late '90s following the rise of the Den Haag scene / electro-techno revival (see also groups like I-F, Le Car, Unit Moebius, Ectomorph, Drexciya, etc.). Fischer initially worked under the pseudonyms Metroscat (releasing tracks on Biochip C's Anodyne label), and Krok (more electro-styled material including releases on Interdimensional Transmissions and Sabotage).

Running his own label, Science City, he began releasing material under the name Bannlust, beginning with the album, 'Digital Tensions' (including a mix by I-F) on the Viennese label, Craft / Sabotage in early 1998. Creating a dark, mechanically rhythmic space around huge, trademark swathes of moody, dirty noise. A second Bannlust album ('Auxilled') appeared on Craft in 2000.

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