Alejandra & Aeron


Alongside Daniel Raffel, Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman founded the Lucky Kitchen label in New York City in December, 1996 - producing, designing, compiling and distributing releases in small, beautifully handcrafted CD and vinyl additions. Having moved from New York to London for two years, by the end of 2002, Alejandra and Aeron were operating the label alone from their new base in La Rioja, Spain.

Lucky Kitchen releases such as 'Find The Hits And Use Them' (1997), 'The Children's Record' (1999) and 'Family Audio' have garnered glowing praise, and included the work of fellow artists like V/Vm, Hrvatski, Kid606, Jake Mandell, Aerospace Soundwise, Goodiepal and Matmos. Utilising field recordings alongside new digital music technologies, Aeron and Sandra are patriarchs of home and travelogue recording who describe their work as 'modern folk music'.

From Sandra's childhood tape experiments to Aeron's ruminations on his grandmothers' garden shed, or their documentations of Spanish folk music / culture, their approach to music making stands out to us as highly important because, where so many of their digital peers have seemed to retreat into isolation and ungrounded abstraction, Aeron & Sandra's music springs from and documents a very real sense of human community, stating the fundamental importance of everyday life in opposition to "the spectacle's whirling flashy lights..."

Having released material on other labels like Diskono, Audioview, and Tomlab, Alejandra & Aeron were released on a split 12" in April 2001. As Lucky Kitchen (including contributions from Daniel Raffel), they were also included in the 'e-rmx' series.

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