No Watches. No Maps

by Various Artists on FatCat Records

'No Watches. No Maps' consists entirely of unsolicited demo material received through the mail on tape, CD, minidisc, DAT, and via the internet in the form of MP3s.

Spanning a wide spread of nationalities, and made up almost completely of artists who (at the time of its compilition) have yet to be released, the album ' like all previous FatCat compilations ' encompasses a broad range of styles and approaches, yet maintains that certain quality essential to FatCat: from the jerky, bustling electronic rhythms of Com.A and Duplo Remote, to the abrasive, abstract digital incursions of QT?; the warm, rolling post-rock of Ukiyo-E or The Balky Mule; the freeform improv / instrumental sprawl of Opaque; the insane, genre-mushing blitz of Joseph Nothing; the fractured rhythmic constructions of Skist or Digi.Otaku; the switching, post-house shimmer of Mokira; the woozy melodic ambience of Chib.

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  1. QT? - Nnone
  2. Phluidbox - Mirjenz
  3. Jetone - Pil
  4. Zooey - 111.1
  5. Ukiyo-E - Val Doonican
  6. Mokira - Hes
  7. Moneyshot - Trocchi Travelled Inward
  8. Com.a - Radio Squelch Crush Land
  9. Joseph Nothing - Spanking
  10. Opaque - Nine
  11. Beans - Ponderosa
  12. The Balky Mule - Asterion
  13. Cytokine - Movement
  14. Meek - Vacuum
  15. Skist - Straddle
  16. Digi.Otaku - Up//+//walked
  17. Duplo Remote - A_load Test 2
  18. Chib - ((O))
  19. Bexar Bexar - Moore

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