Spontaneous Combustion

by Immense on FatCat Records

Released 01/05/1999

First release from this much talked about instrumental 4-piece from Bristol. With three highly charged tracks this is a rollercoaster ride of intense or immense proportions with a nod to band's such as Hovercraft, Mogwai, Sonic Youth etc. "Spontaneous Combustion" takes you on an emotional journey, by the time it peaks you are firmly within its swollen, heart wrenching grasp, which refuses to let go.

"E Flat Sonic Boom" is the counterpart, giving up any softness, replacing it with something much more lethal, a raging concoction.

"Perhaps You Should Talk To Someone" balances the others, its minor chords resolving to a climatic final passage, positively oriental and oddly reminiscent of a rainy day in China!

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