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Resina is the alias of Karolina Rec, a cellist and composer based in Warsaw, Poland. Born 1982, Karolina graduated from the Music Academy in Gdansk and the University of Gdansk. Active in Poland's independent music scene since the late '00s, she was co-founder / collaborator of some of Poland's most influential alternative bands: Kings of Caramel, Cieslak and Princess, Nathalie And The Loners, Ant...


Listen: Headphone Commute premiere new Resina track

Posted on Thursday, 21st June

A third track from Warsaw-based cellist Resina‘s forthcoming 'Traces' album has been premiered today via Headphone Commute, who call it "a gorgeous composition, gliding from the acoustic towards post-electronic... creating something new and solid, then slightly fragile, mythical, and grand”.
You can check out 'Surface' via Headphone Commute here.
Read more, listen to other tracks and preorder the album here.

Coming soon

Posted on Monday, 18th June

We have four very different new releases due out in the upcoming months!

These are the dates and records to look out for:

'Traces' By Resina - Available to Pre Order now and out on the 7th of July

Looped, processed and layered with increased dynamism, on 'Traces', the cello moves from discrete chamber intimacy to shimmering ambient miasmas and more urgent, full-blooded tracks that reach out and grab you.

'Epoques' By Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch - Available to Pre Order now and out on the 13th of July

Opening with the sparse piano of 'Martello', which flowers into life and draws itself around you with sinuous vines and rising clusters of piano, it then falls into 'The Only Water', a rich yet murky, subterranean dreamscape of electronics and strings that hover and saw like Richard Skelton before evolving into some dark chamber duet, whilst slowly everything peels away into layers of delay.

'Breathe Panel' By Breathe Panel - Available to Pre Order now and out on the 13th of July

The Vocals wash across bright, combined with shimmering guitars and intricate drum patterns they create something beautifully expansive yet highly introspective. Breathe Panel combine writing about topics including anxiety, colours, people, memories and the cure of nature with capturing a sound that makes them feel good.

'Internal Crosstalk' By Heartless - Available to Pre Order now and out on the 27th of July

Heartless manages to mature his already distinctive sound through experimentations in unconventional tunings and microtonality, creating something truly original and otherworldly. A true understanding of pace remains a focal skill for Heartless, building dizzying synths with just the right amount dynamic shifts producing a perfect balance of anxiety and relief.

Listen: new 130701 Spotify playlist by Resina

Posted on Friday, 15th June

Once again our 130701 imprint have updated their popular Spotify playlist with a brand new set of tracks. The latest set is selected by Resina, who picks out a selection of choral, piano and string works that throws light on her forthcoming album.

Check out the playlist here and follow / share if you enjoy it. 

LIsten, read about and pre-order Resina's new album here.

Watch: new Resina video premiered on Self-Titled

Posted on Monday, 4th June

Self-Titled have premiered a new video from Resina. The video is for the track 'Procession', taken from the Warsaw-based cellist's forthcoming album, 'Traces', which is set for release on our 130701 imprint on 6th July.
You can watch the video here.

You can read more, listen and pre-order the new album here.