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Date Artist Venue City Country Country
13/12 Steve Bicknell 13/12 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Mexico City Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
14/12 Honeyblood 14/12 Honeyblood Summerhall Edinburgh UK Edinburgh, UK
14/12 Steve Bicknell 14/12 Steve Bicknell BASEMENT New York (NYC) US New York (NYC), US
15/12 Samana 15/12 Samana Servant Jazz Quarters London UK London, UK
18/12 MNNQNS 18/12 MNNQNS Espace Gérard Philipe Paris France Paris, France
20/12 Steve Bicknell 20/12 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Ljubljana Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia
20/12 The Growlers 20/12 The Growlers The Wiltern Los Angeles (LA) US Los Angeles (LA), US
21/12 Steve Bicknell 21/12 Steve Bicknell Golzheim Düsseldorf Germany Düsseldorf, Germany
04/01 Steve Bicknell 04/01 Steve Bicknell Tresor Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
04/01 The Growlers 04/01 The Growlers Kingscliff Beach Hotel Gold Coast Australia Gold Coast, Australia
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