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Date Artist Venue City Country Country
29/01 Shopping 29/01 Shopping Urban Spree Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
30/01 Shopping 30/01 Shopping MeetFactory Prague Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
31/01 Shopping 31/01 Shopping Rhiz Vienna Austria Vienna, Austria
02/02 Shopping 02/02 Shopping Bumann & Sohn Cologne Germany Cologne, Germany
04/02 Shopping 04/02 Shopping Milla Munich Germany Munich, Germany
05/02 Samana 05/02 Samana The Cellar Swansea UK Swansea, UK
07/02 Shopping 07/02 Shopping Le Grillen Colmar France Colmar, France
08/02 Samana 08/02 Samana The Forum Brighton UK Brighton, UK
08/02 Shopping 08/02 Shopping Supersonic Paris France Paris, France
09/02 Samana 09/02 Samana The Castle and Falcon Birmingham UK Birmingham, UK
Track Title